Stop sacrificing your talent at the altar of practicality

and uncover the golden thread that unites your gifts, lights the path to an aligned, abundant business, and calls in clients like magic.

We find your brand’s Golden Thread™ and weave it into wildly compelling websites, offers, books, and talks.

Your golden thread@1.5x

What’s your Golden Thread™?

We won’t just capture your clients & customers.

We’ll capture YOU.

No, not like TAKEN. There will be NO Liam Neeson-style search for you.

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What there will be?

The essence of your soul (and the soul of your offers, brand, and business) infused into everything we create together.

Instead of a wild nail-biting ride throughout the process, you’ll experience something even better:

the happiest ending when you’re finally (re)united with a brand and business that feels even more YOU than you’ve ever experienced before.

Cue: All the happy tears.

Our voice style spectrum…

Spectrum - Soulful 2


Voice Spectrum - Playful@2x-20 (1)


Spectrum - Intelligent 2


Spectrum - Fierce 2


Clients often come to us when no one else has been able to capture the soulful, playful, and highly intelligent nature of their brand story, expertise, or voice in a crisp, compelling way.

Our clients frequently say:

“No one has ever nailed it like you did.”

They've also said...

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Who is Scribe & Spirit?

Scribe & Spirit was created by award-winning screenwriter, filmmaker, conversion copywriter, and intuitive coach Jamie Jensen.

Jamie has used her 20+ years of education, expertise, and experience in storytelling and online marketing to help clients 9X their revenue, 4X their ROAS (return on ad spend), grow to multi-6 and 7 figures online, and explode onto the scene with brands that were a true transmission of their purpose.

Simply put: Jamie knows what it takes to capture your audience with a deeply authentic story and voice that’s undeniably attractive and doesn’t just stoke admiration, but inspires ACTION.

Jamie’s Golden Thread™ approach identifies the sparkly soul of your brand story, the inner gold - crystallizes it – then weaves it through your website, brand, content, media concepts, books, and talks – to create a cohesive and compelling narrative for your audience.

When you work with Scribe & Spirit, you’ll get Jamie’s intuitive story engineering superpowers on your brand and business. You’ll receive strategy and writing that says it all – and 99% of the time needs no revisions. You’ll walk away with more air in your lungs and joy in your heart – feeling deeply reconnected to your purpose.


Whether your next step is a brand reveal, offer launch, book release, media blitz, or signature talk – you’ll be buzzing with the joy and tingling confidence of “omg this is SO fkn good, I wish we could do it all over again.”

Jamie Jensen - Dancing in Black Dress

We’re not a regular branding & marketing agency.

We’re a cool branding & marketing agency.

But actually, here’s why –
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    We use a story-first Golden Thread™ approach… to allow us to tap into the essential and original magic of your brand and bring it to the forefront.

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    We believe that words are an energetic transmission… and that’s more powerful than any sales or persuasion tactic out there.

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    We understand sales psychology and persuasion… and trust intuition and the creative process more.

  • Star

    We value progressive values, ethics, and integrity in business… and work best with folks who wholeheartedly agree.

(And most of our clients are even fancier than we are.)

We’re happiest when we’re partnering with you to…

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    Map out your most potent brand story & message

  • Star

    Extract your richest stories for media, content, and talks

  • Star

    Create your deliciously intoxicating website copy

  • Star

    Engineer your true life story into compelling books and speeches

  • Star

    Craft & coin your unique methodologies

  • Star

    Optimize your existing content for increased attention, engagement, and action (read: conversions)

Ready to get started?

Excited to connect? Me Too!

Stand out and smoke the competition.

Tell the story they’ll feel in their bones.

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